A lot of NY/FL Nerds clients ask: who is Ubiquiti Networks. Ubiquiti Networks is a leading manufacturer of networking equipment. They provide wireless data communication products to businesses, government, and residential customers. Their product line includes routers, switches, gateways, and security cameras. In addition to their hardware, they offer software for management and customization.

The company’s unique business model allows them to focus on research and innovation. This allows them to create technology platforms that support high capacity distributed Internet access. It also allows them to bypass the traditional middleman and sell directly to consumers. By taking advantage of this method, they are able to offer their technology at disruptive pricing.

Wireless Broadband Hardware

Ubiquiti is a leader in the fixed wireless broadband hardware industry. Ubiquiti focuses on providing innovative and secure networking solutions for enterprise, service provider, and mobile users. Despite the rapid pace of change in the high-tech industry, Ubiquiti has a strong track record. Historically, they have consistently beat their forecasts.

Ubiquiti is an American technology company, based in New York, and operating in the consumer electronics, wireless data communication, and home wired product industries. They are focused on developing networking technology and providing products to customers worldwide.

Ubiquiti’s UniFi product line provides high performance switching, integrated gateways, and wireless access points. These products can be managed through a user-friendly GUI or through the cloud. Additionally, the controller software gives network administrators the ability to manage several sites from one interface. Lastly, UniFi integrates VoIP phones, security cameras, and access control devices.

EdgeMax, AirMax, and AmpliFi

Ubiquiti sells their products under a variety of brand names. These include UniFi, AirMax, EdgeMax, and AmpliFi. The UniFi product line is the company’s most popular. It is designed to provide carrier-class performance for wireless networking. While it is a relatively new product, it is very successful.

There are many things that make Ubiquiti a unique and promising company. For starters, they have a dedicated community. Ubiquiti has a forum that boasts over half a million posts. This is a valuable resource for users, as it provides information on a wide range of issues.

Ubiquiti has a market cap of $3 billion. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s more than most of its competitors. Most of these companies charge for their enterprise software and don’t offer free versions. So Ubiquiti has achieved an economy of scale that makes it very difficult for other producers to compete with them.

Ubiquiti Networks’ unique business model has helped the company gain a competitive edge. Unlike other manufacturers, they don’t follow standardization, and instead focus on the needs of their consumers. Moreover, they don’t have any major competitors. Instead, they have a large customer base that helps them to build their sales.

Enterprise Line of Products

Currently, Ubiquiti is working on building a new line of products that are aimed at the enterprise internet market. These new products will include a new line of mFi machine-to-machine computing and a new line of routing offload appliances.

Since the launch of their first product line in 2005, Ubiquiti has developed several other wireless products and has built a reputation for their innovativeness and reliability. Their most popular product is Unifi, which they’ve been successfully marketing since 2009.


Ubiquiti Networks is one of the largest innovators in business. This article only scratches the surface of the complete Ubiquiti Networks product line. Whether you’re a home user/hobby-type or enterprise-level organization, there’s Ubiquiti Networks may be a solution for you. When looking at the Ubiquiti line of products, you’ll need a professional to help guide you through the dozens of different options you’ll have. The NY/FL Nerds have been installing Ubiquiti Networks products since 2012. Some of our successful installations are in churches, stadiums, and homes alike.