When it comes to rolling out complex Wi-Fi networks with video surveillance, it’s hard to beat UniFi, but UniFi installation issues and mistakes are more common than you know. Created by Ubiquiti, UniFi offers powerful features, high performance and scalability for both small and large organizations. Despite all of its advantages, a successful UniFi implementation isn’t always guaranteed. What happens when UniFi deployments come undone? A successful deployment begins with careful planning. Without a clear strategy, it’s likely your UniFi deployment will experience issues that can be difficult to troubleshoot. The UniFi Nerds can help you plan your deployment to maximize performance, scalability, and reliability.

Rats Nest of Wires + Access Point

Perfect example of another poorly executed UniFi Installation. Never enclose an AP – it defeats the purpose.


Learning from Others’ Mistakes

So what happens when UniFi deployments fail? Well, it’s highly dependent on the complexity of the deployment and how much planning was put into the job. To help you avoid the same mistakes, let’s take a look at some of the common missteps that can lead to an unsuccessful deployment:

  • Treating all Wi-Fi networks the same: Organizations with multiple locations, different floors, and different types of networks should never treat all Wi-Fi corners as the same. Each structure should be assigned its own subnet and wired with a specific type of access point.


  • Uplink optimization: Achieving and maintaining optimal uplink is one of the most important steps in a UniFi deployment. All components must be connected to the same uplink to avoid latency or performance issues.


  • Ignoring the importance of placement: Access points are only as good as their placement. Poor placement can result in dead spots, slow speeds, and overall poor performance.
UniFi AP left under a coffee table

This is a typical UniFi Installation Issue – improper mounting (this was installed by a “professional”)


  • Not assessing the ebb and flow of traffic: It’s important to understand the ebb and flow of network traffic, as deployments should accommodate for peak times. A static proximity setup won’t be as reliable as it isn’t designed to evolve with your network. The UniFi ecosystem is a combination of services: Wireless, Video Survelience, Telephony, Door Access, and More


  • Forgetting to change the default passwords: Changing the default passwords for each access point is an essential task that is often overlooked. It’s a key step in ensuring your network is secure.


  • Cutting Corners to Reduce Billing:  It’s not terribly common, but occasionally you need to scale back your UniFi installation so that you can account for wiring costs, the actual system setup, and other ancillary costs attributed to having the system installed. Reducing your installation by an access point or SFP cable is acceptable, but skimping on the actual installation team that does the work – bad news. 7 out of 10 calls we receive is because the prospective client had a UniFi system “installed” by someone who was clueless on what to do after physically installing the access points. The UniFi ecosystem isn’t an off-the-shelf brand, so finding someone who knows the system can be difficult.

The UniFi Nerds: Best Practices in Deployment/Installation

The UniFi Nerds have years of experience and success in deploying and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Our team of certified UniFi experts know how to maximize the performance of any network, no matter how complex. We understand the best practices associated with the deployment process, and we make sure to take all of the necessary steps to ensure the highest performance and reliability. Plus, our team of dedicated UniFi support technicians will be available to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the deployment process and provide any assistance you may need.



That's one way to mount a UniFi AP...

Ingenious way to mount an AP. Good way to improvise, but another UniFi Installation Issue we’ve seen. How-l’s that for an example? (sorry)

Successful UniFi Installations – Every. Single. Time!

Don’t let your next UniFi Installation  be the one that “got away”. Put your trust in The UniFi Nerds, and we’ll make sure every step in the deployment process is completed properly. We understand your deployment is important to you, and we’ll take the time to create a solution that meets your needs. Contact The UniFi Nerds today and make sure your next deployment is successful.