UniFi Protect Surveillance is one of the most popular and comprehensive home and business surveillance systems available today. Offering a self-sufficient solution for monitoring and managing all your cameras, from a single centralized management system and mobile app, it is an easy and reliable choice for many users.

The UniFi Protect Surveillance system not only makes setting up cameras easier than ever before, but it also takes surveillance to the next level with its leading-edge AI-based technology. Alongside motion detection, facial recognition and customization, the software’s AI allows for features like face recognition, object identification, and custom alerts – all of which go beyond traditional security camera monitoring.


unifi protect unifi nerds cover

unifi protect unifi nerds cover


UniFi Protect AI-Designed Camera Features

The UniFi Protect’s unique AI-equipped camera monitoring system includes a variety of camera features designed to enhance your protection:

  • Object Identification: UniFi Protect’s advanced AI is able to detect and identify people and objects in view of your cameras. This allows for 24/7 monitoring of your property, providing a more comprehensive surveillance view than traditional video monitoring.
  • Motion Sensors: When the camera detects movement in the monitored area, it sends an alert to your phone or email. This alert can notify you of when someone is in your home or business so that you can take the appropriate action.
  • Facial Recognition: This is a remarkable feature that can save you from a home invasion. With UniFi Protect’s facial recognition technology, you can be notified when an intruder is detected in your home or business.
  • Customizable Alerts: This feature allows you to customize the alerts that you receive in the event of an intruder in your home or business.

The Benefits of UniFi Protect Surveillance

UniFi Protect is a reliable and easy to use security system that provides comprehensive coverage for all your cameras, with AI-based features that go beyond what traditional video monitoring can offer. The system can provide users with:

  • Enhanced Security: UniFi Protect’s AI-driven facial recognition and object detection capabilities can alert users when there is an intruder in their home or business. This can provide an added layer of protection that can help prevent theft or even worse, a home invasion.
  • More Efficient Surveillance: The facial recognition and object detection features of UniFi Protect make it more efficient than traditional video monitoring. It also eliminates the need for multiple cameras, as one camera can do the job of several.
  • Customizable Alerts: The customizable alerts make it easy to customize the type of alerts you receive in the event of an intruder or other suspicious activity in your home or business.

Why Choose a UniFi Protect Surveillance System?

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive surveillance solution for your home or business, or want to take the next step in security with AI-based features, UniFi Protect has you covered. With its reliable and user-friendly features, the UniFi Nerds system can greatly enhance the security of your home or business. It also provides the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against intruders and other unwanted visitors. UniFi Protect takes video surveillance to the modern age and offers you the latest technology and features to keep your family and property safe.


Whether you are looking for basic surveillance or comprehensive AI-based features, UniFi Protect has something for everyone. So, if you want to take security beyond just surveillance, you can trust UniFi Protect to be your trusted partner.