It’s true that the United States banned HIK Vision and other Dahua brands have been banned in the United States. On February 6th, 2023, the FCC officially forbade Dahua and HIK Vision products via their new rules, which prohibit communications and surveillance equipment deemed to “pose an unacceptable risk to US communications networks and the national security of the United States”. The US government also said it is banning telecommunications and video surveillance equipment from several prominent Chinese brands, due to various cyber security threats they pose, on November 28th, 2022. Moreover, there have been reports from the United States Department of Defense that HIK Vision systems and other companies and subsidiaries of Dahua brands have been transmitting recordings back to China

The Solution For HIK Vision: UniFi Protect

In 2020, the US passed the Bill Signed: H.R. 3919, banning the further authorization of the Dahua and Hikvision camera systems. This bill referred to major Chinese camera manufacturers, included both Hikvision and Dahua, and prohibited the sale of cameras and parts for their systems in the US [1]. The US government has taken measures to block the import of the hardware and firmware for these companies, while also blacklisting any dealers who attempted to continue importing these products [2].

The ban expands beyond the HIK Vision camera system, into many Chinese telecom companies, including Huawei and ZTE. The US communications regulator also is targeting surveillance camera makers Hikvision and Dahua, in what is being called “the world’s toughest stance” to clamp down on China’s technology [3]. Notably, this has halted the production of many companies dependent upon the parts from these manufacturers, leading to uncertainty for the surveillance camera industry.

Since the ban, the US government has not amended the law, and it is expected that the ban will continue to remain in place through the rest of 2023 [3]. businesses were left searching for an alternative, a way to keep their surveillance systems up and running. The answer to their problem? The brand new UniFi Protect system. The UniFi Nerds have been installing UniFi protect since Ubiquiti launched. UniFi Protect’s state-of-the-art surveillance system is packed with advanced features that make it an ideal replacement for the now-banned HIK Vision system.

Overview of UniFi Protect

UniFi Protect is a comprehensive home security and surveillance system designed and produced by Ubiquiti Networks. It features a range of powerful tools to monitor and secure one’s home or office. With its simple mobile app-based setup, users are able to connect and manage an unlimited number of cameras with ease.

The UniFi Protect app includes features such as motion detection, event alerts, and remote viewing. Users can livestream or record video in 4K UHD resolution and store recordings in the cloud. Additionally, the app supports various features such as motion and sound control, scheduling, access control and more.

The UniFi Protect gear primarily includes the UniFi Protect camera, gateways, door sensors, and motion and keypads. The UniFi G4 Series is the latest in camera surveillance, and it comes with two outdoor models — the G4 Pro and the G4 Doorbell. This camera series offers 4K video with infrared night vision, and users can view the footage live from anywhere in the world. The UniFi Protect gateways include the UniFi G4-Huishoudelijk and the UniFi G4- Slim. Both versions boast superior performance and a sleek design.

Overall, UniFi Protect provides a range of powerful and comprehensive tools for home security and surveillance. It’s app-based setup makes it easy to connect and manage an unlimited number of cameras and devices. Additionally, its range of products, such as the 4K cameras, door sensors and motion detectors, further enhance its capabilities for users.

UniFi Protect is a secure and easy-to-manage hardware and software system designed to help businesses monitor their premises and personnel. By combining integrated sensors, powerful cameras, and intuitive software, UniFi Protect offers an all-in-one surveillance solution.

UniFi Protect Offers Security and Comfort

The UniFi Protect system is designed to provide flexible and secure surveillance, no matter the size and shape of your business. With its intuitively designed user interface, powerful video recording, and advanced motion detection, UniFi Protect offers businesses a secure and comfortable monitoring solution.

UniFi Protect – Ideal For Any Environment

UniFi Protect is a security system from Ubiquiti that is designed to be an ideal and scalable solution for any environment. This system allows you to keep an eye on your property, whether it’s a school, an office, or a home. It has many features, including motion recording, night mode, geofencing, instant notifications, local recording, and integration with your smart home devices. Ubiquiti Unifi Protect can be tailored to fit any environment, thanks to its user-friendly and customizable interface.

Thanks to its unique design, UniFi Protect is able to provide robust security at an affordable price. It includes several features to help protect your property. Motion recording allows you to capture activity when the system detects motion, and night mode can be used to extend the system’s detection range. Geofencing allows you to restrict certain areas and events through its integration with Google Maps, and instant notifications keep you aware and informed about any activity on your property. Additionally, local recording allows your recordings to be stored securely on a local device, and integration with third-party home automation devices can make your property even more secure.

UniFi Protect Decimates HIK Vision

In addition to its powerful features, Ubiquiti Unifi Protect also offers advanced wiring options to ensure an ideal set up. According to the feedback on wiring in, ideally your home should have a dedicated MDF for all your networking equipment, such as the router, switches, and NVR. This ensures a better connection and a more reliable system.

Overall, UniFi Protect is an ideal security system for any environment, thanks to its customizable features and its advanced wiring options. It offers reliable security at an affordable price, and can be tailored to fit any environment. As shown in the Unifi Protect deployment in a small, rural school, the system allows for scalability and customization, so that it can fit any size or type of property. With its robust features, advanced wiring options, and customizable interface, UniFi Protect is the ideal security system for any environment.

High-Quality Video in HD

UniFi Protect is designed to record high-quality video in 1080p HD. It’s equipped with an advanced imaging sensor that produces stunningly crisp and clear footage, and you can easily view your recordings and monitor your premises on any device, thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use software.

Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring

With its powerful motion tracking sensors, UniFi Protect allows businesses to accurately monitor their premises and personnel in real-time. You can keep an eye on key areas throughout the premises, receive alerts when motion is detected, and quickly identify any suspicious activities.

UniFi Protect Integrates with the UniFi Network System

UniFi Protect integrates with the UniFi Network System in many ways. It allows for controlling access points, security cameras, and wireless access points, thus enabling a unified network. It also enables wireless guest access, secure guest networks, and remote access. In addition, it has an app that provides real-time monitoring and management of the system. It is capable of integrating with various third-party applications to extend the network’s capabilities. For example, it can integrate with Home Assistant via the UniFi Protect integration in Home Assistant tutorial shown on the internet. This integration allows users to view their camera footage and use smart detection sensors via Home Assistant’s user interface. In addition, users can also access advanced features such as configuring VLANs, Firewall Rules, and WiFi Networks.

Active Zone Detection

UniFi Protect also features active Zone Detection technology, which helps businesses identify and report suspicious activities. The system can automatically detect the presence of people or other activities and alert the user of any strange movements or activities happening within the premises.

Last Word on UniFi Protect

Now that we know Dahua and HIK Vision are Banned, now is a great time to switch to the UniFi Protect System and have it installed & managed by the UniFi Nerds. Replacing the security-risk HIK Vision system is more important now then ever with the ever growing tension between the United States and China.

The UniFi Nerds have crafted a secure and comprehensive monitoring system in UniFi Protect, which is an ideal replacement for the now-banned HIK Vision system. Thanks to its intuitive design, powerful video recording, and advanced motion detection, businesses of any size can take advantage of its flexible features and secure their premises. Whether your business is big or small, if you’re in need of a surveillance system, UniFi Protect is the perfect solution.