Discover How to Maximize Your UniFi Access Points Placement with Plinko

Welcome to another practical, informative, and slightly quirky tech tutorial by yours truly – The UniFi Nerds! Our mission? To help you banish patchy Wi-Fi forever. This time, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of UniFi Access Points (APs) and their placement, using a surprisingly applicable and entertaining game – Plinko. Need a refresher on Plinko – check this out. 


That's one way to mount a UniFi AP...

That’s one way to mount a UniFi AP…

Forget the Wolf’s Mouth, Aim for the Optimal Spot

Contrary to popular belief, positioning your UniFi Access Point is not as simple as plugging and playing anywhere. We have all witnessed Wi-Fi black holes where the signal mysteriously vanishes. Don’t let that happen to your network by mounting your APs between floors, in walls, or even in comic places like a wolf’s mouth. The optimal placement significantly influences signal strength and coverage.

Positioning your UniFi Access Point (AP) is a crucial step in ensuring optimal Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength. It’s not as straightforward as simply plugging in the device and expecting it to work perfectly in any location. We’ve all experienced areas in our homes or offices, often referred to as ‘Wi-Fi black holes,’ where the signal inexplicably disappears. This can be a result of poor AP placement, and it’s something you can avoid with careful planning.

Mounting your APs in certain locations, such as between floors or in walls, can lead to signal degradation. While it might seem humorous to place your AP in unusual spots like a wolf’s mouth, it’s not practical and can lead to poor performance. The material of the object or wall can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal, leading to weak or inconsistent connectivity.

The optimal placement of your UniFi AP can significantly influence the strength and coverage of your Wi-Fi signal. For instance, one user found that positioning their AP upstairs at one end of their house, which is next to a marina, allowed them to get a signal on their boat approximately 100 meters away

Another user suggested aiming the face of your AP in the direction where you want the best coverage. This can be particularly useful if you’re mounting the AP on a wall

Playing Plinko with UniFi Access Points

Why Plinko? Well, we believe in making learning about network infrastructure both informative and fun. Ask yourself, ‘what if the Plinko board represented a building’s floor plan, and each slot was a potential AP location?’ Start dropping chips (or in our case, APs), and you’ll quickly learn where they fit best – pure, engaging edutainment!

Sidenote: This article is a long time coming. We’ve done a lot of installations, but one in particular stands out. A client in Syosset, Long Island reached out to us because his UCKG2 failed and he wanted it replaced. He mentioned that he didn’t want any construction done…. To myself, I said “construction – wha????” Fast forward a few days: when we arrived on site, we started looking for the 5 AP’s we see broadcasting. After a fruitless scavenger hunt, we asked the client where they AP’s are. As he began to tell us that prior installers had buried the AP’s in the ceiling before closing up the walls – he paused. Our client is now assessing the 3 of us and the faces we’re making – the light bulb in my head goes off and I remember the “no construction clause” mentioned before.  They’re still there – somewhere.

As if that wasn’t enough – the same week, we’re asked to design a system for a luxury townhouse. We were asked if it’s OK to hide the AP’s in the ceiling and walls……



Plinko – A very popular game from the Price is Right


Benefits of Effective AP Placement

UniFi AP installation is as strategic as a game of Plinko. Here’s why:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Perfect AP positioning assures adequate Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Improved performance: Correctly mounted APs offer reliable and fast connections.
  • Budget-friendly: No wasted APs due to over-placement.
  • Superior user experience: Users will enjoy a swift, uninterrupted connection.

Demystifying AP Placement with The UniFi Nerds

At The UniFi Nerds, we combine technical expertise with a unique flair for making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. This playful approach to AP placement adds a layer of fun while also teaching valuable, practical skills. The best part? You can apply these tips immediately, creating a highly efficient and streamlined network environment.

Unleash the True Potential of your APs

Let’s together eliminate any Wi-Fi black spots, improve your network’s efficiency, and unleash the full potential of your UniFi APs. After reading our guide, you’ll have the skills to position your APs to provide an even coverage and optimum performance. Remember, every AP positioned correctly is a step towards a flawless, efficient network.

Step up your network game and challenge yourself with The UniFi Nerd’s Plinko method.

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