UniFi System Design, Installation, Service, and Management
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UniFi Wireless Access Points

From cozy 2000 square-foot homes to expansive multi-level stadiums, the UniFi Nerds possess the expertise in UniFi technology to bring your project to life. With a track record of deploying thousands of UniFi Network systems across the United States, we are equipped to handle any scale of implementation. Reach out to us today at 516.606.3774 for unparalleled UniFi solutions

UniFi Protect

In addition to safeguarding your network, the UniFi Nerds, in collaboration with UniFi Protect, ensure the security of your physical premises. UniFi Protect offers a variety of video surveillance solutions to accommodate any budget. Our team has expertly designed and installed thousands of UniFi Protect cameras and systems in residences, commercial spaces, churches, warehouses, and beyond

UniFi Support & Managed Services

Since 2007, we've been deeply involved with Ubiquiti Networks and their UniFi product line. At the UniFi Nerds, our technicians are on standby 24/7/365 to assist with everything from initial system setup and troubleshooting to parts replacement and more, all centered around UniFi. Additionally, we provide managed services for UniFi Networks, ensuring your UniFi Network operates flawlessly under our expert care

Does your network closet resemble this?

Struggling to untangle your cable conundrum? This scenario is all too familiar to the NY/FL Nerds, often arising from new construction projects or when multiple parties tinker with your network. Our expertise lies in masterful cable organization and management. The NY/FL Nerds are adept at securely designing your network, implementing comprehensive cabling solutions, and installing UniFi Network and WiFi infrastructure to seamlessly integrate everything.

25 + YearS In Business IN THE TRI-STATE AREA

Since 1994, our expertise in network, computing, systems and various other technologies has been our strength. Esteemed organizations like Estée Lauder, Zagat, Brooks Brothers, Select Comfort, and the Department of Homeland Security are among the many we’ve proudly serviced. With two strategic locations in New York City, we cater to both residential and business clients across New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut


Certainly! The UniFi Nerds are well-equipped to manage your network cabling needs. Our dedicated structured cabling team is ready to install all the necessary network cables for your office. We specialize in upgrading existing lines to CAT6 and CAT6a, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in speed and network power delivery. For more details, give us a call at 516.606.3774.

Absolutely! With thousands of UniFi cameras and Protect systems installed nationwide, we are proficient in the complete UniFi Protect product line. The UniFi Nerds team doesn’t just install; we offer free site assessments for businesses to ensure your UniFi Protect system is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Indeed, we can. The UniFi Nerds have extensive experience in bridging distances, having successfully connected remote buildings up to 15 miles apart using advanced antenna technology. Whether it’s a satellite office, a workshop, or any structure off the main site, we utilize strategic placement and the latest in wireless technology to ensure robust, reliable connections no matter the distance.

At UniFi Nerds, we’re committed to solving your tech challenges, be it a software glitch, virus removal, or advice on new computer purchases, anytime, every day. Our service extends across New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida. But our reach doesn’t stop there – we have the capability and experience to provide assistance globally. Facing a tech issue, security concern, or in need of forensic analysis? The UniFi Nerds are just a call away, ready to tackle any problem with expertise and dedication

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