Bringing Cutting-Edge Surveillance to the Urban Jungle with UniFi Protect

When it comes to urban security, the challenges are as complex as they are varied. From the bustling streets of New York City to the crowded alleys of downtown business districts, maintaining safety and monitoring effectively requires a robust solution. Enter UniFi Protect, Ubiquiti’s answer to modern, high-performance surveillance needs. UniFi Protect is an enterprise-class security solution that consolidates all your urban surveillance cameras, video recorders, and access control into a single interface. It provides an intuitive, feature-rich platform that offers advanced monitoring technology to meet unique security needs. With cloud-managed technology, businesses can access a centralized dashboard for monitoring all their surveillance and access control devices in real time. Additionally, the system connects all cameras to the same network, making centralizing and monitoring cameras more efficient.

The Urban Surveillance Challenge

In the dense landscapes of cities, the need for reliable, comprehensive urban surveillance is undeniable. This is why the UniFi Nerds love the UniFi Protect System. When aiming for maximum coverage of public spaces, critical infrastructure, and private properties, traditional security systems can often be found lacking in their capabilities. The UniFi Protect System in comparison, offers an array of adaptive features that allows for flexible deployments in even the most challenging environments.

The UniFi Protect System is comprised of motion sensors, HD cameras, and doorbells. The motion sensors can detect and react to motion up to 16ft (5m) away, and transmit temperature and humidity data simultaneously. The cameras come in a variety of models, ranging from feature-packed G3 Series with 4K night vision to cost-effective G2 Series with HD or Full HD resolution. The doorbells enable two-way audio communication with visitors, and have adjustable motion sensors for varying distances.

Eventful actions are never far away with the cameras’ fast response time and compatibility with the UDM-SE. Combined, the UniFi Protect System can provide comprehensive urban surveillance across wide ranges of environments.

The system also offers intuitive management and remote access. We should add that remote access is NOT cloud storage. The UniFi Protect system does not include a cloud storage option at the time of writing (December 28th, 2023).

Access to cameras and motion sensors can be easily enabled with the accompanying UniFi OS Console, which can also provide additional features such as recording and playback. Further flexibility is provided through the UP-SENSE sensor, which bridges lights and sensors with the Protect system. This allows for scheduled responses to motion or lighting changes that open up a range of possible applications. The UniFi Protect System is thus an ideal choice for reliable and surveillance, making it an obvious favorite for the UniFi Nerds to install.

UniFi Protect: A Solution Tailored for the Urban Environment

UniFi Protect is an advanced urban surveillance technology developed specifically for the complex requirements of urban living. Its high-definition video feeds allow for detailed monitoring of indoor and outdoor spaces. The software is complemented by a range of features such as motion-based recording, device scheduling, and easy integration with other UniFi devices. This provides business owners and city dwellers with a reliable system that offers assurance and peace of mind. In New York City, where urban living comes with a unique set of risks, UniFi Protect is an ideal solution. To ensure optimal performance, the installation should be done with expert guidance from certified professionals. The UniFi Nerds offer fast and reliable installation services for UniFi Protect, so New Yorkers can take advantage of this technology and enjoy the security it provides.

UniFi Protect Case Study 1: Retail Security in Downtown

Consider a retail store in the heart of Manhattan. Theft, vandalism, and other security incidents can be a constant threat. To help mitigate the risks that can come with being located in high-traffic areas, stores can take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that is offered with UniFi Protect. This license-free camera security platform is designed to be AI-centric, giving store owners a highly efficient way to monitor their premises. By using local storage that is lightning fast, store owners can rest assured that they won’t miss a thing when it comes to capturing data.

Through the use of high-resolution video, store owners can also receive real-time updates and alerts to let them know what is going on in and around their premises. Footage can easily be reviewed for incident investigation, and the system’s scalability makes it so that it can meet any newly increased security needs with ease.

UniFi Protect Case Study 2: Public Park Urban Surveillance

Public parks are important spaces in NYC, allowing locals and visitors the chance to relax and enjoy nature in an urban setting. But parks can also be difficult to monitor effectively, as they tend to be expansive and have areas that may be difficult to observe comprehensively with traditional surveillance equipment. Ubiquiti’s UniFi Protect allows for comprehensive multi-camera coverage of public parks with minimal equipment, reducing visual clutter while ensuring visitors are safe.

The G4-Pro camera can record in 4K Ultra-HD video quality, and offers wide coverage of expansive areas with its panoramic view. The system also provides remote access to anyone with a login, meaning that city officials or security personnel can keep an eye on the spaces from anywhere, at any time. It also integrates with UniFi Video for recording, whenever motion is detected. With the ability to view and record events with multiple camera angles, UniFi Protect enables NYC Parks Department to better observe the park and better maintain the safety of visitors.

Why UniFi Protect is Ideal for Urban Surveillance in New York City

  • Clarity and Coverage: High-definition video ensures that every detail is captured, an essential factor in crowded urban settings.
  • Scalability: As the needs of a city or business grow, UniFi Protect grows with them, offering an expandable solution that can cover anything from a small boutique to an entire neighborhood.
  • Flexibility: Easy installation and intuitive software make UniFi Protect adaptable to various urban settings, from indoor locations to outdoor public spaces.
  • Integration: As part of the UniFi ecosystem, UniFi Protect works seamlessly with other UniFi devices, creating a unified, easy-to-manage system.


Replacing Current Banned Cameras (HIK Vision, Lorex, and other Dahua Brands)

Did you know that the United States Government has banned Dahua and it’s other brands from being sold due to security concerns? Read on

The United States government, through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has banned the sale of equipment from Chinese telecommunications and video surveillance vendors Huawei, ZTE, Hytera, Hikvision, and Dahua due “unacceptable risks to national security”. Replacing these banned brands with UniFi Protect is an easy selection. UniFi Protect is an all-in-one solution for video surveillance, offering both hardware and software to provide better security for government facilities than the equipment provided by the previously noted companies. The system itself is closed off from the public and utilizes no cloud storage which offers the highest level of security . This makes UniFi Protect an ideal choice for any facility that requires a high level of security.

If you are currently running a Dahua Brand, we highly suggest you reach out to The UniFi Nerds to look at your other options. You should also be aware that the reason that these brands were banned is because they transmit information, video, and audio back to China. This means that your space may be compromised. Below is an image of some of the more popular brands banned by the US:

other banned camera systems unifi nerds

other banned camera systems



With its cutting-edge technology and user-focused designs, let UniFi Protect lead the charge for your city surveillance. It has a range of powerful features, making it the top choice for cities wanting to upgrade their urban surveillance and safety standards. Keep business safe and increase public safety with UniFi Protect’s versatile capabilities. It can be used to record footage for after-the-fact reports, and monitor live footage in real-time. Streamlined control panels and intuitive snapshot features erase the complications from advanced surveillance systems. Get more out of existing investments; it integrates with current-gen Unifi Access Points and Wifi Networks. To learn more of how UniFi Protect can benefit your city, visit our website or speak to a UniFi Nerds expert.