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In today’s interconnected digital world, network stability, efficiency, and security are paramount. When you’re navigating through the complexities of your UniFi network, fine-tuning Ubiquiti device settings, or contemplating the seamless integration of the latest UniFi advancements, the UniFi Nerds stand ready to assist you, round the clock, 365 days a year. Our global presence means we’ve had the privilege to serve clients from every continent, ensuring they tap into the full potential of Ubiquiti Networks’ offerings.

Our expertise with the UniFi Nerds isn’t just limited to initial setups and standard troubleshooting. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to Ubiquiti products. From Managed UniFi Services that ensure your network runs optimally without you lifting a finger, to UniFi Security Solutions safeguarding your digital assets and infrastructure against potential threats, we’ve got you covered. Beyond these, our team of experts is always on standby to provide insights, consultations, and recommendations on the broad spectrum of Ubiquiti products, ensuring that you’re always at the cutting edge of network technology.

But our vast range of services doesn’t end here. If you’ve got a unique challenge or a bespoke requirement not mentioned, we encourage you to reach out. Through calls, texts, or emails, we’re more than ready to delve deep into your situation, ensuring that we understand every nuance and provide a solution tailored just for you. At UniFi Nerds, we believe in forging lasting relationships, and every interaction with us is a testament to our commitment to excellence and your satisfaction


Your Local UniFi Specialists

Did you know? The UniFi Nerds are right around the corner? It’s no longer just about global presence; it’s about ensuring that local communities, just like ours, have immediate access to high-quality UniFi solutions. The UniFi Nerds service the entire USA.

As your neighbors, we understand the unique requirements and nuances of your area. That’s why when you partner with us, you’re not just getting technical expertise, but also a team that genuinely cares about providing tailored solutions best suited for your locality. Experience unparalleled UniFi assistance, right in your own backyard.

The UniFi Nerds is a full-service IT Managed Services Provider

specializing in the UniFi and Ubiquiti Networks Lines of Products



The UniFi Nerds are a premier nationwide team dedicated to top-tier network solutions. With over 25 years of expertise, we specialize in designing, implementing, and managing UniFi systems for a flawless digital experience. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of New York, the sunny coasts of Florida, or anywhere in between, our reach ensures robust connectivity and unparalleled network performance. Every member of our team, from coast to coast, is professionally certified, highlighting our nationwide commitment to excellence. No matter your location, the UniFi Nerds are your trusted tech partners, available around the clock.

UniFi Network Design

The UniFi Nerds are experts in crafting tailored network solutions, with a specialization in Ubiquiti’s UniFi products. Our UniFi Network Design Service is meticulously structured to assess, plan, and create robust, efficient networks that fit the unique needs of each client. Leveraging years of experience and a deep understanding of UniFi’s offerings, we ensure optimal connectivity and performance for every project we undertake.

UniFi Installations

The UniFi Nerds are not just masters of network design but also specialists in the precise installation of Ubiquiti’s UniFi systems. Our UniFi Installation Service encompasses the meticulous setup of UniFi WiFi for seamless connectivity, UniFi Protect for top-tier security surveillance, and UniFi Access to ensure controlled and secure entry points. With our seasoned expertise, we guarantee an integrated experience that maximizes the potential of each UniFi component.

Post-Installation UniFi Support

Even after the meticulous design and installation, the UniFi Nerds’ commitment doesn’t end. Our post-installation support ensures that your UniFi systems run smoothly and efficiently, addressing any concerns or challenges that may arise. With a proactive approach to troubleshooting and dedicated assistance, we ensure that every UniFi system we set up remains at its peak performance, giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

What Our Clients Say About the Parent Company – The NY/FL Nerds

When I thought all was lost, the Florida Nerds in the personage of Tony Cundiff took my dead laptop and restored it to life over night. There were some follow on issues that Tony quickly resolved right after I brought them to his attention. Best service I've ever had. I heartily recommend them to anybody in need of computer service.
Robert Borton
Robert Borton
23:05 08 Jun 21
Working with NY/FL Nerds has been a pleasure. I am signed up for life because of their amazing service, reliability and expertise. It’s nice to deal with small companies that care. And Tony makes the experience exceptional.
Roz Usheroff
Roz Usheroff
21:43 08 Apr 21
So far, so good. Dropped my Macbook Air off a few days ago. These guys went to work and determined that it was an easy fix and upgraded the operating system and maxed out the memory for practically nothing. I now have a working, fast machine. Also, realized I'd misplaced the cord when I got it home. Called them, and they gave me one. Excellent technically and also just really nice people. Very professional and personable- thank you!
Ellen Sarah
Ellen Sarah
22:12 21 Jan 21
Excellent, reasonably priced, quick service. I had a virus on my laptop and the professionals at The Florida Nerds had it fixed in 24 hrs. I was so relieved that they were able to fix it so quickly. The repair was excellent, and I recommend them to anyone seeking help with their electronic devices.
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole
18:20 25 Jan 21
They diagnosed my issue (needed a new video card) and didn't charge me retail prices. Obviously when I need to do another repair, The Florida Nerds will be my first choice. Good fast local! Happy with service. They were friendly and easy to find. Would recommend that they knew what they were doing.
Bo Ross
Bo Ross
22:51 27 Dec 20
Time after time these "nerds" come through. I have tried others over the years but has not found anyone as competent or knowledgeable than "nerd" Tony C. He gets to the root of the problem and gets you back in business in record time. You rock Tony!
18:57 01 Mar 22
I have absolute total confidence in The Florida Nerds ability to resolve my electronic requirements in an expert, expeditious and friendly manner.
David Schoenfield
David Schoenfield
01:01 04 Mar 22
Being 1400 miles away from an elderly family member that needs computer support can be so hard but Tony made it easy, comfortable and efficient. I would not only recommend them but if I need support again, they will be my first call.
Amy Peterson-Roper
Amy Peterson-Roper
13:17 04 Jun 21
My first-time experience with FL Nerds was phenomenal! Tony was professional, knowledgeable, and reassuring. My CPU appeared to have a power fail so they picked up the unit (on a Sunday I might add) within 90 minutes and ran their diagnostics. After realizing it was an error due to a recent windows update and USB peripherals were preventing the unit from rebooting, they kindly dropped the unit back to my residence at no charge since no work was necessary short of a reboot without any peripherals attached. They were very kind and and responsive and made sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend their service to anyone in need of low to high-tech CPU repair. Thanks FL Nerds!!!
Loan Lynx
Loan Lynx
23:19 13 Dec 20
Tony was terrific.nailed the problem immediately. I would love to work with him againHe was the best.
Peter Block
Peter Block
17:45 16 Sep 23
I struggled with bugs and glitches degrading my Unify Network. I worked on it myself for a month and then, thankfully, called NY/FL Nerds. Tony was thorough, quick and diagnosed the problem immediately. I bought the equipment I needed and within an hour or so of Tony configuring my system, I was up and running. Lightning Fast and solid as a rock! Highly recommended!!!!!
Michael Dupler
Michael Dupler
18:36 24 Mar 23
This is a great company. Their customer service is exemplary. Knowledgeable and caring. Tony showed up on time and carefully explained what he would do and did it. And he is a great guy. I will definitely use them again in the future, and would highly recommend them.
Anthony Gallo
Anthony Gallo
17:16 20 Apr 19
Worked with them a couple of months back and have the best techs and hardware that will make any task a simple one.Totally recommended. Tony is a great contact on the company.!
Juan Fuentes
Juan Fuentes
22:00 08 Jan 21
We needed to mount and set up 2 large screen TVs and Jose at New York Nerds was just the man for the job. He's courteous, prompt, organized, and got the job done the very first time. I highly recommend his services. Great job Jose and thank you!!
Vivian B. Lewis
Vivian B. Lewis
13:16 24 Aug 18
The New York nerds have really helped me at a difficult time in my life. While I can do basic to intermediate tech work on my devices, Tony and the nerds have the experience and patience to sort out and troubleshoot network infiltrations, root kit removal and other more advanced IT operations, offering his precious time over the phone and via remote session. He has also been of great help in advising me against use of less than reliable tech solutions.Thus far, Tony was able to establish the need for a new network set up over secure routers and help me through the process. He’s especially generous with providing IT advice over the phone and his experience shows.In a tech market that is saturated with enterprise level cyber security and residential level computer repair, Tony’s services represent a gap in New York’s IT coverage for computer savvy but non-professional users who need help with increasingly common complex attacks at the residential and individual level. Give him a call he’d love to chat with you about your IT problems.
Jimmy Post
Jimmy Post
21:56 18 Mar 20
Tonny and Jose were timely and very professional. There work is excellent. They came in and mounted our TV above our fireplace. They were very careful to protect the walls, floor and fireplace. They patched the wall and cleaned up with precision. It was greatly appreciated. I would call them again for other projects.
Irma Salcedo
Irma Salcedo
15:47 27 Nov 18
I did my first job with FL/NY Nerds and I can say that I'm absolutely impressed with how smooth they operate. They're very effective with communication and support is readily available. I had no problems and any questions I had were attended to in a timely manner.I definitely recommend working with them.
01:13 23 Jun 21

NYC is Known For Many Things:

The Empire State Building, Bagels, and The UniFi Nerds Nerds!

For decades, both individual and business patrons across New York and Florida have sought one reliable solution for their network dilemmas: the NY/FL Nerds. Building on this trusted legacy, we’re proud to introduce our specialized division: the UniFi Nerds. Our journey, rooted deep in the ’90s, has seen us serving a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to large enterprises, all with unmatched expertise and commitment. Every UniFi Nerd, from our office manager to our seasoned field experts, boasts a minimum of one industry certification — a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our reputation is further solidified with endorsements from illustrious clients like 800 Flowers, Zagat, Brooks Brothers, and The United States Department of Homeland Security.

Encountering a UniFi system glitch? Need immediate intervention for a network security breach? The UniFi Nerds are your steadfast allies, available round-the-clock, all year long. Initiating a dialogue with us couldn’t be simpler! Just fill out the contact form adjacent to this content. We’re eager to assist, ensuring that your optimal network solution is merely a click away.

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    More about UniFi Design, Installation, and Support Services by the UniFi Nerds

    Expertise in UniFi Network Solutions: The UniFi Nerds Difference

    In today’s hyper-connected world, the backbone of any successful venture, be it personal or professional, is a robust, secure, and efficient network. With the proliferation of devices and increasing demands on connectivity, it’s essential to partner with experts who understand the nuances of crafting impeccable network solutions. Enter the UniFi Nerds, your trusted partners in creating unparalleled UniFi Network Solutions.

    Demystifying UniFi Network Solutions

    Before delving deeper, it’s essential to understand what sets UniFi products apart. Ubiquiti’s UniFi range has revolutionized the network industry with its blend of innovative technology, aesthetic designs, and reliability. Each product is a testament to a commitment towards excellence, and at UniFi Nerds, we channel this excellence to curate bespoke solutions for our clients.

    The UniFi Nerds Advantage

    At the very core of our operations lies a commitment to understanding and addressing the unique networking challenges faced by our clients. Our solutions aren’t off-the-shelf but are instead meticulously designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of each client.

    Deep-Dive Diagnostics

    Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of your existing network setup, understanding its strengths, and identifying potential bottlenecks. This diagnostic phase is critical in crafting solutions that are both efficient and scalable.

    Custom-Tailored Solutions

    From optimizing Ubiquiti device settings to integrating the latest in UniFi’s range, our team ensures every solution is tailored for optimal performance. Whether it’s seamless indoor connectivity or sprawling outdoor networks, we’ve got you covered.

    Security at the Forefront

    In an era where cyber threats are omnipresent, our UniFi Network Solutions prioritize security. From advanced firewall integrations to proactive monitoring, our commitment is to ensure your network remains impenetrable.

    Managed UniFi Services: Beyond Installation

    Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end post-installation. We pride ourselves on offering Managed UniFi Services that ensure your network performs optimally round the clock. Regular updates, performance checks, and immediate troubleshooting are all part of our comprehensive service package.

    Future-Proof Your Connectivity

    The digital realm is ever-evolving. With the UniFi Nerds at the helm of your network solutions, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re partnering with network visionaries who are committed to keeping you ahead of the curve. As UniFi continues its trajectory of innovation, rest assured that with us, your network solutions will always be future-ready.

    Experience the difference of expert-driven UniFi Network Solutions. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your existing setup or start a new project, the UniFi Nerds are just a click away. Fill out our contact form, and let’s embark on a journey towards unparalleled connectivity together.

    Optimizing Ubiquiti Device Settings: The UniFi Nerds Approach

    In the intricate world of networking, the magic often lies in the details. The potential of a network device, no matter how advanced, is truly unlocked only when its settings are calibrated to perfection. Ubiquiti, with its vast range of devices, offers a myriad of configuration options. But to truly harness the power of Ubiquiti, one needs expertise and deep knowledge. That’s where the UniFi Nerds come into play.

    Why Device Settings Matter

    Every network is unique, molded by its specific requirements, challenges, and objectives. While Ubiquiti’s devices are designed for optimal performance, their true potential is realized only when configured to align with the network’s specific needs. The right settings can elevate network performance, enhance security, and provide seamless connectivity.

    The UniFi Nerds Precision Approach

    Our method to configuring Ubiquiti device settings is rooted in precision, understanding, and years of hands-on experience.

    Comprehensive Device Audits

    Before any adjustments, we undertake detailed audits of each Ubiquiti device within the network. This allows us to understand its current state, performance levels, and areas of potential enhancement.

    Performance-Driven Configurations

    Whether it’s optimizing the bandwidth allocation of a UniFi WiFi access point or calibrating the sensitivity of a UniFi Protect camera, our configurations are always aimed at maximizing device potential and ensuring seamless network performance.

    Security-Centric Settings

    Ubiquiti devices come with a plethora of security features. Our team ensures that every device is not just optimized for performance but also for security, making sure that your network remains resilient against threats.

    Maintaining Optimal Configurations

    Network needs and challenges evolve, and so should device configurations. As part of our commitment to excellence, we continuously monitor and recalibrate settings, ensuring that the Ubiquiti devices always operate at their peak potential.

    Empower Your Network with Expert Configurations

    Ubiquiti’s hardware is undeniably advanced, but it’s the right configurations that truly make them shine. With the UniFi Nerds, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to ensuring every device in your network is finely-tuned and optimized.

    Discover the difference of expertly-calibrated Ubiquiti device settings. Reach out to the UniFi Nerds today. Dive into the potential of your network devices by filling out our contact form. Let’s set the stage for unmatched network performance together.

    Excellence in Managed UniFi Services: The UniFi Nerds Way

    In today’s digital realm, robust and reliable network infrastructure isn’t just a luxury; it’s an imperative. This is where Managed UniFi Services come into play, offering a holistic solution for seamless, secure, and efficient networking. The UniFi Nerds, with our extensive expertise and commitment, lead the way in delivering these services.

    Why Managed UniFi Services are Crucial

    Network management is a dynamic, ongoing process. As businesses evolve and grow, so do their network requirements. Managed UniFi Services ensure that the network not only meets current demands but is also future-proofed for upcoming challenges. We’ve been managing systems for companies for 25 years. Let the Nerds manage your UniFi Network infrasture

    The UniFi Nerds Managed Services Difference

    We don’t just manage; we partner. Our services extend beyond routine checks, diving deep into proactive optimization and innovation.

    Continuous Monitoring & Management

    We understand that network demands are ever-changing. Our team is always on the lookout, continuously monitoring network health, performance, and security, ensuring optimal performance round the clock.

    Proactive Issue Resolution

    Before a minor glitch turns into a major issue, our proactive management identifies and resolves it. With the UniFi Nerds, you’re ensured peace of mind, knowing potential problems are nipped in the bud.

    Optimized Network Performance

    Our team continually fine-tunes and optimizes the network settings, ensuring you get the best out of your UniFi devices at all times.

    Security at the Core

    In this digital age, security threats are omnipresent. Our Managed UniFi Services prioritize network security, implementing robust measures and continuous checks to keep threats at bay.

    Future-Ready Networking

    With the rapid evolution of technology, what works today might be obsolete tomorrow. Our services ensure that your network is not just current but also prepared for the future, scalable and adaptable to emerging technologies and demands.

    Entrust Your Network to the Best

    The intricacies of managing a UniFi network demand expertise, dedication, and a forward-thinking approach. The UniFi Nerds, with our rich legacy and commitment to excellence, stand as the beacon of reliable Managed UniFi Services.

    Experience the pinnacle of Managed UniFi Services with the UniFi Nerds. Interested in taking your network management to the next level? Don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form. Together, we’ll craft a networking masterpiece.

    Fortifying Networks with UniFi Security Solutions: A UniFi Nerds Commitment

    In an era where digital security threats are escalating in complexity and frequency, having a fortified network isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. Enter UniFi Security Solutions, a comprehensive suite of tools and strategies to defend your digital infrastructure. And at the helm of delivering and optimizing these solutions stand the UniFi Nerds.

    Understanding the Security Imperative

    Every day, millions of malicious digital activities occur, seeking to exploit network vulnerabilities. The aftermath? Stolen data, compromised systems, and tarnished reputations. UniFi Security Solutions aim to preemptively combat these threats, offering robust shields against digital onslaughts.

    The UniFi Nerds’ Approach to Security

    Our commitment goes beyond implementing solutions. We design security strategies that are tailored, effective, and dynamic.

    Personalized Security Design

    We recognize that every network’s security needs are unique. Our team meticulously assesses your infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and designing security protocols that fit like a glove.

    Continuous Threat Monitoring

    Threat landscapes evolve. With continuous monitoring, we ensure that we’re always a step ahead, detecting anomalies and countering threats in real-time.

    Advanced UniFi Security Tools

    Leveraging the state-of-the-art UniFi Security Suite, we fortify networks with tools that offer layered defense mechanisms, from intrusion detection systems to advanced firewall configurations.

    Security That Adapts and Evolves

    Static security solutions are a relic of the past. We implement dynamic security measures that adapt, learn, and evolve, ensuring that your defenses grow stronger with each challenge they face.

    Empowerment Through Education

    Security isn’t just about tools; it’s about awareness. The UniFi Nerds emphasize educating our partners, ensuring that your team is aware of best security practices and potential threats, making your human resource a valuable asset in the security chain.

    Choose the Best in UniFi Security Solutions

    When it comes to digital security, half-measures won’t suffice. The UniFi Nerds, with our deep expertise and commitment to excellence, ensure that your network is a fortress, resistant to any security threat.

    Experience the paramount of UniFi Security Solutions with the UniFi Nerds. If you’re serious about fortifying your digital presence, reach out via our contact form. Let’s redefine network security together.